Medical Laboratoriess

Medical labs of the faculty are specialized labs, which include clinical chemistry/biochemistry, pathology, microbiology and basic skills. A well-trained staff of technicians, academic staff and researchers run the labs. Those labs are suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate training as well.

Strategies and Future Plans

The core strategic planning of the faculty and its board is to get better as a practice and to determine what needs to be done to continue for the next couple years. Strategizing is looking both internally and externally with the main goal of moving medical education forward and achieving... Read more"Strategies and Future Plans"

Medical Library

The medical library is designed to assist students (both undergraduates & postgraduate), physicians, health professionals, and medical researchers in finding health and scientific information to improve, update, assess or evaluate health care. Moreover, our medical library has digital section to access a range of off & online resources. Plans drawn... Read more"Medical Library"



Students are admitted to the faculty through
 the national admission

office for higher education institutions, 
ministry of higher education 

& scientific research. Students’ admission 
is conducted by admission bureau.