Beside the principle mission of education, and the multitude of avenues and services that faculty provides, the faculty and staff conduct, collaborate and initiate research. We advance knowledge through innovative, basic and clinical research and translate our outcomes into helpful ways to benefit people. The faculty is among the top public research medical schools in Sudan with particular distinctions in infectious diseases endemic to Gadarif state. However, funding for those researches lacks behind our aspirations. The faculty staff-members and researchers are looking forward to recruit aid funds from external sources to move firmly to the next level. Research in the health sciences spans many fields of study, from basic medical sciences to clinical and pharmaceutical research; our researchers are taking the lead to ensure development and enhancement of knowledge in the medical and health sciences. The following table enlists examples of researches been conducted or underway and relative departments:

no Department Research Type
1 Community, Medicine, Microbiology Epidemiology, infectious diseases
2 Medicine Neuroscience
3 Medicine, Parasitology Leishmaniasis
4 Medicine, Biochemistry Snake Bite
5 Biochemistry, Medicine Camel’s milk therapeutic benefits
6 Medicine, Microbiology HIV and Arbviruses infections
7 Pediatrics Pediatric research
8 Biochemistry, Medicine Diabetes
9 All departments General Clinical Research
10 Microbiology, Pediatrics, Medicine Diarrheal Diseases
11 Community, Microbiology, Medicine Malaria
12 Nursing Department Nursing Education
13 Multiple departments Medical Education
14 All departments Miscellaneous topics

about faculty

The faculty is located in the heart downtown Gadarif city, Gadarif state, Eastern Sudan; it has been educating the future physicians and nurses of Sudan and other surrounding countries since establishment in 1997

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