Strategies and Future Plans

The core strategic planning of the faculty and its board is to get better as a practice and to determine what needs to be done to continue for the next couple years. Strategizing is looking both internally and externally with the main goal of moving medical education forward and achieving the following: 1. Provide medical students with optimal educational experiences so that they are prepared to pursue careers as leaders in medicine and science to meet the needs of society. 2. Strengthen infrastructure and support for education (i.e. building more hall/class rooms, labs, etc.) 3. Enhance teaching effectiveness by recruiting more teaching staff, regular training of staff-members and collaboration with more external healthcare institutions. 4. Initiating new divisions and programs i.e. Medical Laboratory Sciences, Anesthesia, etc. for further enrichment to healthcare system. 5. Delivering outstanding patient care by establishing clinical and specialized centers that affiliate to the faculty, in addition to extending help to institutions of state ministry of health for the sake of better healthcare provision. 6. Playing more effective role to society, through provision of a strong and skillful cadre, and conducting of research to solve problems. 7. Establishing a state-level recognized program in healthcare information that incorporates clinical informatics and population health informatics, to initiate large-scale clinical data documentation and information access. 8. More creative collaboration and improved relationships with institutions that promote medical education internally and abroad. 9. Foundation of faculty alumni association is proposed by faculty board to play innovative role toward faculty programs and development.

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The faculty is located in the heart downtown Gadarif city, Gadarif state, Eastern Sudan; it has been educating the future physicians and nurses of Sudan and other surrounding countries since establishment in 1997

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