Goals and Objectives

The general goal of the faculty is to provide an outstanding level of medical education and training, conduction of scientific researches and provision and promotion of high level of health services to the community. Whereas the objectives of the faculty is to enroll enthusiastic, dedicated and academically gifted students who participate in outstanding programs of education which meet their needs and which respond to the rapidly evolving demands and opportunities of medicine, nursing and other health services. In doing so, the faculty recruits academically outstanding and culturally diverse students from Sudan and beyond. The faculty creates a rich and supportive environment in which all students can attain their educational goals. The faculty is committed to providing excellent medical education programs that produce skilled, compassionate and caring physicians and other healthcare providing cadres who are proficient in the science and art of their related fields, dedicated to the ethical and social principles of the profession, and committed to a lifetime of continued learning.

about faculty

The faculty is located in the heart downtown Gadarif city, Gadarif state, Eastern Sudan; it has been educating the future physicians and nurses of Sudan and other surrounding countries since establishment in 1997

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